Dance Dimension Institute (DDI) is a wellness and cultural arts organization with a mission to present, produce, and promote dance as a multi-dimensional art form that can enable community building, learning, and healthy living. Through DDI performances and programming, we holistically inspire all bodies to be, feel, and do better.


With regard to cultural, technical, educational, spiritual, aesthetic, reflective, and healing aspects of dance, a major question that moves our services is: How can we dance the change we wish to see in ourselves and the world? Dance as multifaceted is our philosophical basis for encouraging innovative and embodied forms of motivation, support, reflection, collaboration, and engagement.

DDI Services

DDI Performances include Bridge performances, Company performances, and Educational performances.

DDI Programing includes creative short and long term Educational Projects,Dance Workshops & Classes,Community & Cultural Projects, Health and Wellness Programs,and College Preparatory Opportunities.

Bridge Performances

Bridge performances connect college students, artists, and community members through dance
narratives. Bridge Performances encourage reflection and often involve two phases- the first phase is the process of data collection and the second phase is a page to stage production. Bridge Performances usually include post-performance reflection and discussion with audience members.

Bridge Performance Example

Why We Dance!© is a DDI Bridge performance involving college students and community artists
ranging from 14 and up. The narrative encourages reflection about perceptions of aging and success. The first phase of the two-part project includes recorded interviews and reflections through and about dance. The second phase is an original dance theater performance based on the responses collected during the first part of the project. Check out a description and video sample from a performance below!

Why We Dance!

Popular opinions about dance have kept Stacy away from dancing for a long time. Still, she admires dance art from afar by doing research on dancers to find out why they dance. During the process, the dancers unexpectedly inspire Stacy to take a closer look at the role that dance has played and can play in her life despite what others may say.

Music: Theme From Belle et Fou by Jazzanova

Company Performances

Legacy: DDI’s professional performance company. Through African derived dance vocabulary and aesthetics, Legacy members contemplate personal and historic testimonies along with present and future possibilities by dancing stories that inspire reflection, healing, and human connection.

Jewels of the Nile: DDI’s pre- professional company consists of artists and dancers who have a passion for dance and other cultural forms of expression.

Beat Squad: This DDI performance company focuses on movements that stem from Hip Hop dance and Step.

Educational Performances

DDI educational performances aim to raise awareness about human rights, relations, and responsibilities in our world. Students from different schools often visit a central location for these performances. Alternatively, a school or organization can arrange for a visit.

A past DDI educational performance involved college students visiting high school students for a performance called The Cocoa Chain ©. This original performance addressed human relations and the treatment of Cocoa farmers by raising awareness about the important role that cocoa farmers play, the difference between conventional versus fair trade, and the role that the audience can play as consumers of chocolate and other cocoa based products.

Music: Urban Drummers by Palms Down